- A simple and fully customizable web blogger that uses CGI Perl
telnet7's Bloggy is a simple and yet powerfull web blogger for websites that use free webhosting services like Tripod, Angelfire, etc.
Bloggy was just a simple program written for my own personal use. So it does not have all the fancy installation features. Bloggy is quite easy to setup if you know the basics. But it is aimed towards people who really want to write their own blogging tools without starting from scratch. You are free to modify bloggy as you see fit. For details on how to customize and use telnet7's Bloggy please read the readme file included in the distribution package.

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Bloggy build 100 [7kb]
Bloggy build 110 [18kb]
Bloggy build 120 [18kb]
Bloggy build 130 [21kb]

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telnet7 Bloggy is still in alpha stages and may pose security threats to your website.
Please use Bloggy at your own risk. telnet7 will not be held responsible for any damage or loss.